Keep Swinging Stix Wood Bats


Model KS34

This model is made with the entire lineup in mind. With its flared handle, mid-sized neck, and robust barrel, the KS34 Is truly a model for all players. The sleek design and incredible balance allows for players of all levels to produce a hard, explosive swing while maintaining the integrity of their mechanics. The KS34 has proven successful for all spots in the lineup. Leadoff hitters benefit greatly from the incredible design and attention to balance throughout the bat. Power hitters also experience the benefits of the large barrel that produces very explosive contact.

Model KS1221

A contact hitters dream bat. This model has a thin handle, thinner neck, and long barrel, allowing for maximum bat speed, larger than normal sweet spot, and great durability. Don’t allow the thinner appearance of this bat to fool you. The durability of the 1221 is as good as bats traditionally made in thicker increments. The balance, slightly end loaded bat creates a wonderful swing for top and bottom of the lineup hitters, or hitters that just enjoy a thinner handle, with a slightly end loaded barrel. Top and bottom of the lineup bat.