Total Rotation Training

Using the overload and underload method, Total Rotation Training is guaranteed to increase bat speed while simultaneously promoting muscle memory and core strength with a balanced swing approach. We have found that overload and underload training in the range of 20-30% lighter and heavier than that the bat you use in games is ideal for increasing batting average and power. Overload training is designed to improve strength and bat control, while underload training focuses on your fast twitch muscles, leading to an increase in hand speed. Our simple dry swing program is 8 weeks long, and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Hand-Eye Coordination Training

In baseball and softball, hand-eye coordination is just as important as bat speed. Coaches are always preaching “see the ball, hit the ball,” so why not see the ball better? Our bats, when paired with golf ball sized wiffle balls and your favorite soft toss drills, are one of the best ways to train your hand-eye coordination. Below is a quick demonstration of a basic soft toss drill with one of our 22 ounce underload training bats.

In addition to our bat speed trainers, we have One Hand Trainers and On Deck Bats to further development as a hitter.

Bat Sizing Guide (ounces)

Game Bat         Underload Bat          Overload Bat

<20                        16                             24-26

21                       16-17                         25-27

22                       16-18                         26-29

23                       16-18                         28-30

24                       17-19                         29-31

25                       17-20                         30-33

26                       18-21                         31-34

27                       19-22                         32-35

28                       20-22                         34-36

29                       20-23                         35-38

30                       21-24                         36-39

31                       22-25                         37-40