"This is the perfect tool to maximize your bat speed and hand-eye coordination."

- Matt Woods (2022 NEC Player of the Year - Bryant University)

"Way different. This is like a pencil when you hit it's so light, after training that overload.

- Brayden from the Junior Bat Bros on the transition between our overloand and underload bats

what our customers are saying

"LeftySwag Bats are an amazing product on and off the field. They are part of my everyday training. They have taken my hitting to the next level."

Cooper Hinson

"Great bat for those looking to add some extra power to their swing or for those just trying to loosen up before an at bat. Since I’ve been using mine I’ve noticed a difference in batted ball speed and distance. My increased distance has been an average of 20 feet. This product is a great add of to the speed training bats."

DJ Wenger

"I learned about LSB's weighted trainer through my hitting instructor. He had me using it in a very specific drill to kick off my sessions. I got my own 33" 69oz overload and it became a part of my regular workouts on top of that specific warm up drill. With it, I've developed a swing that keeps my bat path through the hitting zone for as long as possible. This helps me a lot in hitting to the opposite field with intent and fighting off pitches that run in hard. The skinny barrel keeps me zeroed in on making contact on the sweet spot. I take it on deck with me in-game. It gets me locked in. Once I pick it up and step on deck, it's "GO TIME". When I switch to my gamer, it feels like a whiffle ball bat in my hands. My LSB makes me feel like I have the advantage before I even get into the box. I walk up to it and step in with confidence."

Walter Alfaro

"My son Ethan has had the privilege of using high level equipment within all areas of the game. LeftySwag Bats training bats are the elite of the elite and we couldn’t be happier with the results. As a dad of a highly competitive ball player that loves to work on his game, it’s amazing to see the rapid level of increase of ball focus and speed of my son’s swing and contact. The passion of the game is shown by the details Ownership puts in their equipment. I highly recommend LSB for all your training needs when it comes to the batters box! Josh Clauss #teamleftyswagbats 💯"

Josh Clauss